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On Uderwood

  • Created by pierre.nau on Aug 01, 2014
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In the course of my personal correspondence with Mike Regan (2004), he posted me the following article reproduced here by permission.

Hi Pierre: Just wanted to drop in and say hello.....And fill ya' in a bit on my JFK assassination research. Been putting some major focus these past few days on CBS's affiliate, KRLD of Dallas, and trying to get more insight as to the thoughts and actions of James R. Underwood. Underwood was an Asst. New Director for them at the time of the shooting and I succeeded in connecting with his boss, News Director Eddie Barker. Other than the guys telling me of Mr. Underwood's passing 12 years back, have'nt got much out of the guy yet, but I'll let you know if anything breaks.

Dear Mr. Barker:

I am an independent researcher and a few days ago I peppered "KRLD" & other possible sources within Dallas with hope of finding a connection to Mr. James R. Underwood, an assistant News Director for KRLD when the assassination of President John Kennedy took place. Two gentlemen were kind enough to respond and strongly suggested that, if anyone knew of Mr. Underwood, you were the man to contact. It was also suggested that, in a very positive sense, you are also quite the legend over at "KRLD" and I remain a bit ashamed that I did'nt contact "KRLD" much sooner.... I had long thought that any connection to Mr. Underwood would be a shot in the dark.

With regard to my research on the assassination and a bit of background on myself, I was 15 years of age when the shooting took place and, being an avid reader of Dixon's "Hardy Boys" series of the same era (Though they continue on, as my sons will attest, in re-print for benefit of following generations...), I kind of took the puzzle up as a hobby. After reading the condensed version of the Warren Commission in '64, I was hooked.

My interest with regard to Mr. James Underwood, however, stems from a brief statement he made to the Commission & set off some serious, serious research..... As did Mr. Underwood, I served as a member of the U.S.M.C. and when I read his statement concerning what was said by Amos Euins to him only moments after the assassination (Posted below...), and being fully aware that "Honor, Integrity & Loyalty" are a main part of the foundation instilled in all who have gone through those Marine Corps boot camps, I gave his words a bit more than a second glance.

As events escalated that afternoon in Dallas, though, it seems that James Underwood became the lone "Voice In The Wilderness". Perhaps, until now...???
Any insight of which you could share as to both your association & knowledge with concern to Mr. James Underwood would be greatly, and sincerely appreciated.....An additional hope is that we could keep in touch. Actually, with you based in Texas and my own self 1500 miles away, it would be great if we could team up. Who knows, maybe even kick some major butt..... In the name of James R. Underwood.....

Would also like to add that I am in awe, after spending the last hours reading, not only of your many lifetme achievments, but with concern to your incredible contribution toward the public's better understanding of the tragic events which unfolded in Dealey Plaza that fateful day.....Thanks

Sincere regards,
Mike Regan


The result of my research, many years worth, is posted below Mr. Underwood's statement...

Warren Commission Statement By James R. Underwood Asst, News Director, KRLD (CBS), Dallas

UNDERWOOD. He (Amos Euins) was telling a motorcycle officer (Sergeant Harkness) he had seen a colored man lean out of the window upstairs and he had a rifle .... I went over and asked the boy if he had seen someone with a rifle and he said, "Yes, sir." I said, "Were they white or black?" He said, "It was a colored man. I said, "Are you sure it was a colored man?" He said, "Yes, sir," and I asked him his name and the only thing I could understand was what I thought his name was Eunice." 6 H 170)

Mr. Barker's Response:

Re your request for information about Jim Underwood; he died about 12 years ago; he was living in the Port Aransas area at the time of his death. Eddie Barker (I was news director of KRLD at that time)

To Eddie Barker:

Who could have backed up Jim Underwood & his truth but chose, instead, to jump on the band-wagon and destroy the man's life and career, and to all those that believe a good lie (Keep on pluggin', ass-holes, but we're gonna get ya'...) will out-do what we all know as the "Wonderful Truth", to absolute fuggin' hell with the entire lot of you.

To Mt. James R. Underwood:

Fellow Marine & "Lone Voice In The Wilderness", you are on the same level of those awesome victims, fire-fighters, police officers, emergency personel & hard-hats, the "TRUE HEROES OF OUR TIME", who have united almost an entire world with regard to the recent "World Trade Center Disaster"..... Thanks

And I say to you, Mr. Underwood...."Semper Fi".....The regret being that I'd not run into you somewhere around the mid-60's. Because if I had, I would have somehow convinced you to join all us screw-ball "Leathernecks" in those fox-holes along Vietnam's DMZ..... Though you are no longer with us, the moxie, cool & class of which you're spirit represents in the "Here and Now" would have been a welcome addition back in the "When & Then" and, instead of so much of the pain endured by so many with regard to the out-come, we would all now be in heated debate as to who would be the next elected Congressmen & Senators of America's 51st State of Democracy, Vietnam..... Thanks, pal

To President John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

Many, many hours have been spent by this guy exploring the lives, both before & after your term, of the Presidents who also sat within the Oval Office. And the lives of prominent politicians of your era who could have been sitting there during those tense days of October, 1962.

On behalf of my family, friends and self, all of us who would easily have wound up as scorched sploches on so many garage doors throughout America.....I thank you, and I thank God Almighty that He chose you to be the man needed to guide this world away from complete and utter nuclear annihilation.....Thank you, sir

In addition I asked to Mike Regan the following question: "Was the man seen by Euins James Jarman, Jr....?"

Here is the answer:

To answer your question, "Was the man seen by Euins James Jarman, Jr....?" , my unequivocal gut feeling, instinct and moral responsibility can only reply.......... "Yes" Though Amos Euins would, later in the same in the afternoon while writing up his affidavit for the Dallas Police, state that the gunman he saw in the 6th floor window was white, it is his initial statement to James R. Underwood of which I take much more seriously. A statement made only minutes after the assassination while caught up in all the hoopla & excitement of the tragic moment. When any individual would be more apt to blurt out the "Truth". While later sitting at Dallas Police Headquarters hours later, however, more than likely in a private environment, and realizing the consequence (from family & peer group) of an African American (himself) pointing a finger at a fellow African American (James Jarman, Jr.).....I believe that Amos Euins, simply put, lied through his stinkin' teeth. Having served, as did James R. Underwood, in the United States Marine Corps and remaining fully aware that "Honesty", "Loyalty" & "Integrity" are part of the traditional and moral foundation instilled into all who have gone through those Boot Camps......, there is absolutely no doubt that Underwood's statement to the Warren Commission concerning his conversation with Amos Euins was nothing less than the "Truth"..... Regarding statements made, especially the one made by Arnold Rowland, about two men spotted in the 6th floor just prior to the assassination, I believe that Harold Norman, along with Jarman, was also roaming around in the locale. At whatever point it is that Norman left the floor to join up with Bonnie Ray Williams in the S/E corner of the 5th floor to be photographed by Tom Dillard only seconds after the firing of the shots.....is something left for speculation.....? Perhaps, when one considers that neither he nor Jarman could be absolutely sure as to the location of the presidential limo in the motorcade, Norman acted as some sort of "spotter" needed to signal Jarman (so he could position & prepare for the shooting...) when the limo 1st appeared on Main Street as it approached Huston Street...??? And then, after fulfilling that job, high-tailed it down to the 5th floor to keep Williams company. It was necessary, I suspect, to keep Williams (who had simply stumbled onto the whole scene) seriously intimidated through-out the entire event. Maybe...just maybe, right through til' present day. Regarding the supposed photograph of a man seen within the cross-hairs of the upper four panes of the window immediately to the left of the assassin's window, I'm not sure, but I believe I've seen it. And might agree with those who suggest that it takes a significant amount of imagination to actually make any kind of judgement that the figure was, indeed, either the assassin or an accomplice. Much like times when we might have the pleasure of finding ourselves secluded on a beach or an open field, and staring up as the clouds float by and perceive all kinds of neat animations.....