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JFK Dallas 22 novembre 1963 Five decades have passed. The official investigations and the documents released did not succeed in convincing the majority that the lone Lee Harvey Oswald did assassinate President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas.
Both the refusal to admit the brutal end of a myth because of a lone nut with his $20 riffle and the conclusions rushed by a Commission under pressure fed the polemic, so far.
After all this time, debating Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement in the assassination can be considered as a pure waste of time. The weight of evidence proves his guilt. Was he alone and who were his accomplicies are questions still open to discussions. The Odio incident for example, suggests that he had associates and need to be fully explained.
Once those questions clarified beyond a reasonable doubt, it will time to close the case. At last...

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